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  • Punk Shit - S1

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    Punk Shit is an anthology series of short stories exploring the lives of the Black Queer community thriving and surviving in the south.

  • After Hours (Buy Only)

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    Welcome to After Hours, Hoodoo House’s Adult Sex Talk Show! Let’s face it; sex has always been a taboo topic. It is also a vital ingredient in our life, but it has never been given the respect it deserves.
    “After Hours” talks about how society sees sex and how we can move past stigmas and learn t...

  • Top 10 by Hoodoo House TV

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    Check out TOP 10’s original count-downs videos breaking down all about the very best in Black Queer culture, including film & TV, club culture, celebrity, music, health, lifestyle, fashion, and so much more.

  • Punk Shit Ep 5 - "Dat Sauce"

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    After an all-night unsuccessful attempt to have sex, Thomas conjures a plan to successfully trap a man with his southern-style cooking and special sauce to get him in bed! Will it work out? Well, HONEY, let's find out…