8 Episodes

A show you never knew you needed but so deserve! Stud U is an honest, raw, hilarious, and open talk show featuring five black studs with an opinion on everything, maybe even you! From sex, relationships, stigmas, and mental health, you can trust these studs to pull out all the stops and give you some great advice, solid gay vibes, and lots of laughs.

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  • Stud U Ep 8 - I'm Not Ya Daddy... Or Am I?

    Episode 8

    With so many studs stepping into the role of guardian and caretaker for so many femme’s kids, are they viewed by society and these youngsters as a “father figure.” Should studs take on this role in the household? Does society feel that some studs are being forced to take on this identity to maint...

  • Stud U - EP 7 Stud on Studs Oh My!

    Episode 7

    Are two studs able to build a sexual and healthy relationship together? Are submission and feminine energy required, even when two studs fall in love, to keep the yin to the yang? Join the conversation as we dive into this discussion.

  • Stud U - Episode 6 - Lez Love With a Side of Stud

    Episode 6

    A good, bad, and ugly look at Black stud relationships, including everything from compatibility, dating bi-sexual women, motherhood, and even studs who prefer to date gay men!

  • Stud U Ep. 5 - The Stud Stigma

    Episode 5

    This episode discusses the stigmas and barriers facing the Black Stud community. Are there safe spaces for studs to deal with mental health, where do you go for comfort, is there a sisterhood, do studs size each other up, and so much more!

  • STUD U Ep. 4 - The Worst Sex Ever

    Episode 4

    Sex isn’t always great! This episode explores the stud's worst sexual encounters and ultimate turn-ons. Everything from orgies, male partners, and everything in between is on the table, so grab a drink cause this is about to be juicy!

  • STUD U Ep. 3 - Generation Lez

    Episode 3

    A cross-generational exchange where our panel offers you a crash course on the major differences our ages play in how we navigate the world as a Stud and asks the question, “What the hell are we supposed to do about it?”

  • Ep. 2 - STRAP IT UP

    Episode 2

    An in-depth discussion of the lesbian’s magic wand—that’s right, we’re talking about THE STRAP. Join us as our studs break down penetration, the desire to f___ like niggas, strap sanitation, and so much more!

  • Ep. 1 - “Lez Talk About Labels”

    Episode 1

    We know what you are thinking. “Why do we have to label everything and cram ourselves into boxes?” But the truth is, many folks in our LGBTQ+ community rely on their (lesbian) label to identify themselves, and that is just fine. In this episode, we’re going to explore the 20+ various types of les...