Punk Shit

Punk Shit

5 Episodes

Punk Shit is an anthology series of short stories exploring the lives of the Black Queer community thriving and surviving in the south.

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Punk Shit
  • PUNK SH!T | Ep. 5 - "Dat Sauce"

    Episode 5

    After an all-night unsuccessful attempt to have sex, Thomas conjures a plan to successfully trap a man with his southern-style cooking and special sauce to get him in bed! Will it work out? Well, HONEY, let's find out…

  • PUNK SH!T | Ep. 4 - "Truth or Dare"

    Episode 4

    It's 2021, and a group of friends decides to throw a hurricane party for Hurricane Ida in Jackson, Mississippi. All hell breaks loose when the group decides to play one of the most dangerous games of all time...Truth or Dare. Secrets get revealed, relationships are damaged, mistakes made, chances...

  • PUNK SH!T | Ep. 3 - "Homies"

    Episode 3

    Felton and Travis are two high school best friends who share a love for their favorite comic book hero, DynoMan. However, when the last issue of DynoMan is released, the two begin to question if their friendship has grown to something different - something deeper. It may take the help of their f...

  • PUNK SH!T | Ep. 2 - "Chic Chat"

    Episode 2

    Destiny was living her best life at the club last night! However, when assumptions get made that she made a move on her best friend’s girl, all hell breaks loose, causing Destiny to retaliate and defend her name the only way she knows - turn on social media and go live on those bitches!

  • PUNK SH!T | Ep. 1 - "Spice"

    Episode 1

    Donte and Marcus are looking to spice up their relationship a bit. However, after visiting a sex party together, the two end up having to face some brutal consequences after adding what might have been too much spice!