Generous (Buy Only)

Generous (Buy Only)

A group of best friends squander all their savings during a trip to Mardi Gras and must work together to help pay their debts off through the financial generosity of generous men!

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Generous (Buy Only)
  • Generous (30secs)

    When four friends decide to become roommates, things take a turn, and the group hops on a wild ride to the land of “Generous Men” to help make ends meet.

  • Ep 1 - Boyz Will Be Boyz

    After an epic trip to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, a group of friends finds themselves in an economic disaster until they stumble upon the world of “generous” men!

  • Generous Ep. 2 - Dom

    Dom gets booked for a couple looking to spice things up; however, are they all taking on more than they can handle.

  • GENEROUS - Ep. 3 - Quan

    Quon receives an overnight booking with an eccentric drag queen, Gary, who offers Quon several valuable life lessons.

  • Generous EP4 - Mouse

    Mouse is booked for some one-on-one entertainment; however, things suddenly turn for the worst when the client finds out Mouse’s secret.

  • GENEROUS Ep. 5 - Season Finale_ COZY

    Ms. Payne hires Cozy to take care of her top-secret client; however, once the client’s identity is known, Cozy, with the help of Heaux, must step in and save everyone before it's too late.